I've officially become hooked. This series just aired the 5th episode, it's toooooooo addicting. Clever writing, dark wit you'll love.

More surprises if you visit the site *click here*. omg...watching the 5th ep. gotta gotta go!!!


Hollywood's Take

I went to see The Departed last night. Brilliant film. Intense acting, classic Nicholson, LeoDiCaprio in all his vulnerable eyecandy glory. Mark Wahlberg with his trademark thug moves. Martin Sheen, Matt Damon mostly in their element. Everyone affecting Boston accents.

Very clever. Makes me want to watch the original Hongky version, Infernal Affairs with Andy Lau. Hong Kong's Mou gaan dou is a trilogy no less.



Photo courtesy: INQ7.net

Mid-last week, typhoon Milenya hit Metro Manila. Almost a week later, parts of Metro Manila is still experiencing its effects. Water pipes busted, electrical posts and lines down. I commend Meralco for all the work they have done and are still doing.

Everyone has a Milenya story or two to tell. Mine consisted of watching from the safety of our condo, as a couple of our “jumper village” neighbor’s roofs fly off so that I saw right into their living room. Sort of like a Dolphy movie. Only I’m sure it’s not that funny to our neighbors.

I did not get to work on time that day as I had to wait till my sister got home, then I asked her to drive me around the block to get to the office. Oh, the perils of showbiz…

That night, my sister and I decided to fetch Vivian and have dinner at Metro Café. It was a weird evening as there was a blackout. Not so much rain, but some funky wind patterns. Mostly, it was eerily silent even with people out and about. Branches were severed from trees, some trees were uprooted and blocked whole streets. It felt…I dunno, provincial. And kind of post disaster, too.

We finally got there only to find the whole 30ish foot tall sign of Jj’s and Metro leaning precariously against one of the walls in the parking lot. But well, they had a generator, so winner!!! Memorable dish is the palabok negra. Must have that again.

Finally, home that night meant a gas belching generator running most of the night at 4 flights down. It was ok because the weather was still cool, so we slept through the night anyway.



once in a while, i think it would be ok to possibly have a kid if they were as cute and sassy as these...