Smart Roadster

I'm not a car person and i am so not into driving. And yet, this...

I want to have kids with this car. AIN'T LIFE STRANGE???


Lazy Me

Just remembered today: "Oh right...I have a blog" for no particular reason.

So much has happened, and i was never able to blog about any of these:
1. the trip back to Singapore
2. More illnesses that clobbered my family's morale for a while
3. Nelson's wedding
4. Being Smokefree for more than a month
5. Finally returning to the gym
6. Refusing to get involved with office politics but getting dragged into it anyway
7. Calling out an officemate by wondering aloud whether it was childhood that messed her up
8. Coldplay's concert
9. getting back my ironing mojo
10. feeling helpless in the face of mortality
11. my brand new niece, alexia (still no teeth but already sassy)
12. snapping out of depression before i did damage to people around me
13. house (the tv series)
14. night shift vs. day shift
15. grey's anatomy

that's a good mix of trite and somewhat interesting topics, i think. now, if i can manage to blog about them...

hay naku.