AW, Wolvie...in the final scene, when even your flesh was being blown away from your body, the top half of your costume gets torn off but the bottom half stays strictly on...WHY???!!!

Hmmmph LUGI.

Love the effects, Storm not so lame this time.


new life

a month and a half old new place i call home.
a month and a half old new job i call work.
a month and a half old new routine i call life.

change is in the air. still adjusting, still modifying everything to suit my vision of what i may consider an ideal lifestyle for me in the meantime.

happy right now, and beginning to see certain wrinkles on the new ka-pamilyas. nobody is perfect.

"Hunger is our destiny, [and] faith [is] what we use to soothe its dreadful pang."
-Thomas H. Cook