house hunting, rallies, and job

with the sinkhole in adriatico fixed, i still feel unsafe living in this building. *see entry*

we were planning on moving to qc anyway, so my sister and i decided to move out earlier than our planned q3 or q4 2006 exit.

so today, we drove around the scout streets, san juan and the new manila area for potential homes. we saw a lot that we liked but could not afford. our favorite was the oakridge townhouse that was selling for php22m. it was too big and outrageously expensive for us. but oh my heart...it was so beautiful.

we are also excited to fix a view date on tuesday for a megaworld property for rent near abs-cbn. i could practically walk to work!

we want to rent, but if there any good rent-to-own deals, we're gonna go for it.

getting home exhausted, i got a text from jerome asking me if i was home. seems the rallyists are at it again. i flipped on the tv and cussed for a full five minutes and started making dinner.

i fell asleep while watching csi, when i woke up, a show was addressing rumors floating about the government shutting down inquirer and abs-cbn. i cussed for five minutes again and went to the bathroom to get sick.

like every average filipino, i'm struggling to get my shit together. and these gadamitsanamabitsmuthapackas are not helping. so they would oust gloria, and if they do, de castro takes over, then they'll oust him too. and then?

so tuesday, we'll view our prospective place. tomorrow, i get my nbi clearance in taft avenue. i need it for my abs papers.

i will not be denied. gadamitsanamabitsmuthapacka!


edsa 404

oh c'mon you guys...don't do this. i need to get my medical done in galleria asap. it's damn frustrating.


adriatico and elena

yesterday, i was asked to pick up my medical stuff for pre-employment check-up. on the way home, i found out that the lrt was not working.

bummer. i was so tired and was looking forward to catch some zzz's. headed back to makati, not fun to take a jeep home, thought a bus would be better. got a text from pet asking if we were pushing through with gymtime in makati. i called her and asked if i could nap at her place instead, so i went. no gymtime i guess.

about 430ish i got a call from my sister on her way home. she said elena building was being evacuated. the crane in the construction site across the street was lopsided and at that time had crashed on a car. these construction guys have caused a portion of adriatico street to cave in.

i was distracted while looking for dresses with pet during mallrat time, all the while waiting for my sister's next call.

finally heard from my sister, urgently asking what valuables i wanted to keep. they have allowed her to go up make a quick sweep. but one trip was it. i requested passport, 2 envelopes containing my birth certificate and school records, jewelry box (my 6th grade graduation gift from mama was there!), and minipol-the-portable hard disk (my showreel is there!!!).

it was frustrating as pet and i tried hailing cabs that would not take me home, because, oh right...the traffic is bad---because they closed down adriatico.

another call from my sister confirmed that she was fine, the construction guys felled the crane right into their site and they've decided elena to be safe again. no casualties. whew.

it's time to move to qc. elena has housed my 20-something years. it's charming to live in an old 1943 building that once housed the us headquarters during war. really high ceilings, wonderful view of manila bay sunsets...bohemian as it is, i think those days are over. in my mid 30's, i want to live some place quiet, with cleaner air, a little closer to the earth, and my new job that hopefully starts on wednesday.

that was my non-adventure yesterday. my sister probably has the exciting part on her blog. *click link*



Wednesday. TV night. American Idol's top 12 girls perform.

These 2 will probably get sent home next Thursday:

Heather Cox. Laringitis was a good excuse. Pretty face, though.

Stevie Scott.
Classically trained. You can almost see her voice teachers cringeing as she performed.


Another Sunset

A mug of coffee while looking out the Manila Bay Sunset, I watch a lone sailboat snake its way back to its dock.

I made a game of closing my eyes every 2 minutes so to better appreciate the fast changing colors and cloud formations.

This is one perfect moment. I'm content. The world is a good place. Life is beautiful when we stop and listen to its quiet moments once in a while.


Day 01

A couple of sticks must not make me a smoker again. Egads.

Cigarette smoked: 2
Trigger 01:

Ew!!! The maid found on of my undies in a dormer’s pocket, obviously worn. UGH!!! It’s one of my M&S rose mix collection panties! That’s really gross…I have been missing other brassieres for the past year as well. Yuck!

My sister wondered if where this klepto comes from, it’s okay to share underwear. What a gross thing. She is known to have stolen other stuff from other dormers she has roomed with. It’s a bad bad thing.

Trigger 02:

Received a text from Leonard, I will be working with him should I get hired. It says “…medyo natulog results ng exam mo…due to recent events….” Aw. Hope to know real soon.

Solution: Learn how to deal with stress triggers better. I should try what the guys in the show COLD TURKEY is doing...


Ten Things for 2006

The last entry I made was roughly10 weeks ago! Wish I could make the usual excuse of too much work. But this is not the case.

Went home for the holidays, back to Manila after New Year, and had Chinese food at Chinese New Year.

It’s been relatively okay for me, so I can’t complain. I’ve decided to pull my sh*t together.

My goals for this year are simple. I hope to make way for higher and better goals by next year.

  1. Pursue a career in broadast design. Had my exam early this month, supposedly they want me to start on the 15th this month but with no interviews lined up, probably March would be a little more realistic.
  2. Quit Smoking. Today is day 1. Lollipops can be your best friend.
  3. Start running again. Step one, see item 2.
  4. Be a size 5 or 6 again by June. After letting myself go the past year, I have a tall order; I need to shed 30 lbs of fat off my 5’7” frame. Been going to the gym a little more often now. Evening meals are just soup, usually with chunky veggies, and brunch is cereal with yogurt or a sandwich. I like the new changes. Note to self: add even more fiber into diet.
  5. Stop drinking coffee. Green tea is my substitute. Did not have coffee today, a monster headache struck me down, Slept almost around the clock.
  6. Move to QC. I need to make money first, see item 1.
  7. Start saving. VERY HARD. My wish list is all the way to the 50’s in number.
  8. Learn Belly Dancing. Every Friday, I catch the 4:30 class in the gym before I join the mind and body class.
  9. Be updated with design trends in the region. Internet, here I come.
  10. Be less selfish. I’m stumped.

Amidst all this, it’s good to waste a portion of your life by playing Generals on the computer, I’m a newbie who’s only played a total of maybe 10 hours. I’ll learn it.