88 luggage and legwarmers

Ma is here for a visit. We decided to meet at Robinson’s Ermita after lunch today. She needed to augment her wardrobe for the colder weather she’ll soon enjoy in China.

My godmother, (who is also my aunt) was with her. The two sisters were easy to find. I found them in a shoe store beside McDonalds.

Since we haven’t seen one another a while, my mom starts with the usual greeting of looking for my waistline, and lamenting on its extinction for a full 5-10 minutes.

At this point, my aunt butts in and says that I looked better, because she thought I was too skinny before, and at least some meat on my cheeks made my complexion look better.

You see, this is how I know my aunt loves me. And I can also say that my concealer is a good buy.

We proceeded to go look out for my mom’s usual love…shoes. No luck today. So it was time for my mom’s other abnormal urge: luggage.

She has a rather unnatural relationship with suitcases. Whenever she leaves the country, she’d buy a suitcase, or a huge bag. But for her domestic trips, she lugs around a bunch of medium sized bags. So she’d fly to manila in little bags, and buy a suitcase here (usually a cheap one) to use when she flies out the country, and leave it with us after the trip, so she can use the little bags to fly back home…. See flow chart.

A lot of small bags
(From CDO to MNL)
new big suitcase
(MNL to China to MNL)
leave big suitcase with Vangie/Olive
a lot of small bags
(MNL to CDO)

My sister asked me to tell Ma that she can’t leave her luggage anymore this time, since we are running out of room. To which she replied that we were supposed to
a. give the old luggage to the maids
b. use them when we fly back to cdo then leave them there. (and I guess use paperbags to bring back our clothes to mnl, if we follow this logic)

She found one she felt was light enough, she had some doubts, but we managed to convince her into buying it since it seemed very sturdy and very pretty. Also figured she won’t leave it here if it was a bit more expensive than her usual.

Next item was socks. After looking through the sale bins, my mom has this brilliant idea. Ooohhhh….leg warmers. She makes me ask the sales girl about them. I pretended not to hear her, and suddenly found men’s briefs very interesting.

She makes me ask the sales girl again. I pretended not to hear her again. No no no no.

I WILL NOT ASK ABOUT LEGWARMERS!!! It is 2005, I am 34 years old, and Jane Fonda has retired. NO NO NO NO!!!

In desperation, I chose the no-fail technique: Oh look! Make-up sale!

That worked.

Then we ended up loitering around the factory outlets on the 4th floor. Our Finale was the Php88 store which my mom had a few discount coupons for. We had fun, my aunt and myself got make-up sponges, and a lot of other knickknacks that cost 88 pesos each.

It’s a good day.


brain type test

which side are you? take the test here.

My results:

Your percentage score for the right brain is 39%.
Your percentage score for the left brain is 18%.

When a person is Right Brain Dominant, they are thought of as the dreamers, the artists, and the musicians of the world. Just because they are not as good with numbers and remembering facts does not mean that they are "dumber" than a left brain person. They just have their strength in different areas. They do have similar characteristics and they tend to hold similar occupations.
Above are just a few things associated with the right cerebral hemisphere of the brain. People who are right brain dominant are usually good with these things. Here is some more characteristics of a right-brained person.

Prefer rock music
Prefer visual instructions with examples
Good at sports
Good at art
Cat lovers
Enjoy clowning around
Can be hypnotized
Like to read fantasy and mystery stories
Can listen to music or TV while studying
Like to write fiction
Prefer group
Fun to dream about things that will probably never happen
Enjoy making up own drawings and images
Good at geometry
Like organizing things to show relation
Can memorize music
Occasionally absentminded
Like to act out stories
Enjoy interacting affectively with others
Think better when lying down
Become restless during long verbal explanations
Enjoy creative storytelling
Prefer to learn through free exploration
Good at recalling spatial imagery
Read for main details
Skilled in showing relationships between ideas
Preference for summarizing over outlining
Solve problems intuitively
Very Spontaneous and unpredictable

Below is a list of occupations held by USUALLY held by a right-brained person. (There are always exceptions.)

Forest ranger
Wildlife manager

OOooooohhh...yes, wanna be a beautician...



Last night, I joined Dan for dinner at the Golden Ship Shawarma Center down the street.

Eventually, talk turned to different things; existentialism, moral dilemma, and such fun topics to throw you off and on course.

So I related an incident which happened when I met a friend of Jerome’s.

Upon introduction, I whispered to Jerome that the guy (let’s call him Bob) looked like a guy I know named Bill (alias). The resemblance was uncanny. Especially since they both have features that are really strong and uncommon, to the point of being caricature-friendly.

Turns out Bob and Bill were brothers. So Bob asked how I knew his brother. I told him that I used to have a friend who was his officemate at X Company. Turns out he knew the girl I was talking about.

Quiet perceptive, I dunno, or maybe just sharp…he latched on to “used to have a friend”.

Bob: Used to have a friend? So you’re no longer friends? Nag-away kayo? (you fought)
Me: uh…yeah…*mentally scratching my head and wondering what i just said*

On my end, I felt awful to be meeting a high school friend of Jerome’s with a ready-made issue that was not so pleasant or even cute. Day-yum!

Dan assured me that it had to do with the fact that this guy knows the character of the girl enough to come up with this conclusion.

I would like to believe him. But somehow, it’s not a comforting thought, and slightly embarrassing that people can find a link between me and this infamous ex-friend.

But I also realise that if I said anything more, I'd appear defensive. If I said nothing, I'm a bit of an asshole.

I can't undo what just happened. I can't erase the fact that it appears to people that discontinuing my friendship with the said girl makes me a lesser person.

This can of worms makes me wince everytime I have to pore through the contents.

But I just realised that I'd rather let people (whose opinions won't kill me anyway) think that i'm a bit of an evil bitch than continue with the never-ending self-made dramas, patience-trying, back-stabbing and ultimately draining, unrewarding farce of a friendship with a person whose series of lies and manipulations eventually makes you realise that life is too short for drivel like that.


A Night in the Town

In celebration of being able to wear regular sized clothes again (and losing weight without diet change, yay!), I attended a party Jerome’s company was throwing for a visiting brand principal last Friday night. They raffled off watches, I was off by just a number! Oh well…

I felt somewhat invincible and sort of pretty because I had on Superhero Eyelashes and smoky eye make-up. Drag Queen moment. *wave wave*

Poked my head through Embassy’s VIP room and saw a bunch of people standing around with drinks. So these are VIP’s. But that didn’t seem to mean Very Interesting Person. There was nothing going on. I sauntered back to the bar where Steve and Vica were camped out. I got some red wine and played the third wheel while chatting with them.

There were models with bits of garments wearing their newer watches. One guy had a live snake, a girl had a sea urchin-looking hairdo, another guy had a pair of live lobsters on his shoulders. Another girl had starfish on her head.

I met the guest of honor, and was a little amused as he seems to be figuring out why he was getting introduced to me. Somewhat blasé, I smiled back serenely in a happy cloud of red wine buzz.

Then I spotted Ditzy Diane. Upon receiving congratulations for their company’s merger, she whips out their calling card. She looked desperately happy to see me, hugging, kissing and asking me twice how Quttlefish is doing. I wondered what she was on.

She asked if I gained weight. I happily lied and said I did.

Deciding to keep my happy buzz, I reached for another glass of red wine and watched some blond Asian guy named Tim present their new watch endorsers.

It was fun to be wearing Superhero Lashes on a date with my Daddy J.


Shoe Eulogy

After a lifetime of beautifully adorning my feet, and carrying my weight with grace and courage...last night, my rhinestone studded gold strappy heels passed on to shoe heaven.

This beauty and I had a great relationship.

  1. We were together for my life’s most expensive dinner at Zinotti’s in Bangkok.
  2. We walked and ran in KL’s Petronas towers.
  3. We tried on a ridiculous fur coat in SG’s Chanel. That was a laugh. Pure Impostor moment.
  4. We met Frank DuBarry together.
  5. We were at my cousin Virra’s wedding.
  6. We went to my friend Pinky’s wedding.
  7. We had the best steak dinner in SG in a restaurant with servers in French maid’s uniforms.
  8. We watched a private puppet show in Ubud, Bali.

Farewell, my beautiful and elegant friend. Rest in peace.


Is it...?

Oh Hey look, it's Julia! "Dreamgirl" by Dave Matthews Band.

Music Video Codes by VideoCodeZone.com




With my new fascination for streamed music videos, i've been playing and searching for songs. Found one of the old vids, this was (and still is) my all time favorite.



Music Video Codes by VideoCodeZone.com


tomkat's baby

hahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahah and ha.

this is a photo from conan o'brien's "if they mated".

tom and katie are expecting. see link


My Sister's Posse

Twisted Sisters

Last night, I slept over at Oakwood with my sister and her posse. It was probably the deepest and most restful sleep I had in months. It was quiet, and the ground did not shake every 10 minutes from drilling and there was no construction banging away 24/7.

Real sleep is awesome.

My sister’s other sisters are in town. Leila and Gigi are here for a much awaited girlfriends’ reunion and a Boracay holiday. These two, like my sister, were the first UP coeds I have seen in action before I began my freshman year in Diliman. Needless to say, they defined fun, cool, and sensible for me most of my college life.

Gigi at one time was also our roommate here at Elena. She’s always fun and girly. Our times then were a little bit like clips from the movie The Sweetest Thing. She’s like the big sister I can talk and giggle with when it came to X-rated stuff. I’m also happy to know that the great love of her life has found her. I also got to feel up her new C-cups. They look fabulous.

Leila on the other hand, I only heard stories of, and by the time I got to know her, she had married, and is already a mom. She the first person I knew who makes motherhood/marriage look cool and easy without being smug about it. She reminds oneself that being a married lady and having kids is not the end of the world like I once thought it was (well…bad feedback from my too-early-married friends). She’s one person whose soothing aura makes you feel still and peaceful.

Sensible would be my Achi. She has a good head on her shoulders like nobody else’s I know of. I don’t need to read the papers (okay, so it’s because I’m lazy…) she always knows the current events. She had just passed the exam to start her classes in Medical transcription October 10th. I am excited for her to begin her new career.

I learned an important lesson last night: A good toothbrush is all you need to be happy.