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Holy Week saw me straddling 2 tv series. Desperate Housewives and West Wing. Both are being watched in marathon mode.

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Both series' first seasons have been consumed and appreciated. Right now, my sister and I are doing WW's 2nd season. Desperately waiting for DH's 2nd season.


A night at Forbest

On a Friday night, with Jerome sick at home, and me unable to go see him to play nurse (okay there's a thought...), Frankie(not his real name), Karen, Faith and I decided to go out. Catch up on each other’s lives, loves, and laughs.

We headed out at first to Robinsons’ Midnight Sale to get my sister some cool bandannas she can use when she plays badminton. (Yes, she’s playing again…whee!)

We went to old standby, Alda’s. But soon we realized it was a night for beer and not coffee. So we moved to one of the semi-jologs joints near Nakpil called Forbest Grill. Great place for cheap beer. (30 pesos lang!)

We made Frankie recount his circumcision story, as according to Karen, it was one of the best she’s heard about circumcisions.

So there was Frankie, at the tender age of 11-almost-12 years old, accompanied by baby brother Gerald(not his real name) at the hospital.

Hey Gerald, sige contest tayo…let’s see who finishes first.
Gerald: okay, kuya.

Doctors come in. And proceeded to administer local anesthesia to the 2 youngsters.

F: *out loud* ow…

Curious, little Frankie looked at what the doctor was doing…the good doctor was cutting out the foreskin…okay, halfway there…

Enter nurse.

Doctor, there’s a long distance call for you.

D: *looking apologetic*
I guess I have to take that call…

Doctor Leaves.

F: *looking up the ceiling*

tick tock tick tock

Gerald’s doctor finishes with him.

G: *beaming*
Kuya, I’m done.

tick tock tick tock

F: *feels anesthesia fading…he’s beginning to feel the pain*
…ow…where’s that doctor…???

tick tock tick tock

Suddenly a bunch of pretty interns enter the room.

Pretty Intern # 1:
Oh, how cute, he’s getting circumcised!

Doctor returns at this point.

I’m so sorry, son. I had to take that call…
F: *sweat beginning to form on his forehead by now* ok d-d-doc.
D: Son, has the anesthesia worn off? I can give you another shot.
F: No thanks doc. J-just finish it.

PI #1:
Can I observe this procedure? *plants her feet*

F: *Praying* Oh dear God, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t let me get an erection right now.

Then it was over. Home.

Oh hi boys, I made you some skirts!
*holding out matching skirts she had sewn using old drapery fabric*

F: …ow…

We were laughing so hard. It was a great evening.



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sis went to an eyeball party for her e-group yesterday, icanserve.

i made her volunteer my design services for the organization. admittedly, this is a litle bit of a selfish move. because for the first time since my achi got diagnosed with breast c.a., i can do something i am 100% sure about for a change.

just making their nametags for the party, i stopped feeling helpless for a couple of blissful hours. i was proactive. it's quite a rush.