good morning

jozmeh! gising pa ako.

tomorrow is here. my days are running together. di pa ako naliligo.

a cock is crowing downstairs na.

...ay. *smirk*

not making sense. my bed just called me on my celphone, he said i should sleep.

good morning cruel world.


Ocean Love

You know that familiar texture of sand grains as an infinite number of waves wash against your toes? I miss that.

Tell the ocean: "...the way you caress my toes..."

You know that salty taste on the lips when you come out of the water, and the infernal sand in your underwear? Yeah…that. Miss that.

Tell the ocean: "...your kiss, and the way you get into my pants..." *hyuk*

You know that magic hour when the sun and the ocean paint a fiery picture that makes your soul feel quiet? That. Miss that!

Tell the ocean: "...the way you make my heart feel..."

I have a spectacular light show every sunset if I bother to look out into Manila Bay every afternoon.

But that’s like watching porn all by your lonesome. You see all these things going on, but you can’t participate. Crap.

I miss the ocean. I got ocean love. Big time.


battle of the exes

Realized the other night that along with the declaration of Martial Law’s anniversary, it was an ex’s birthday.

When the latter thought registered. I made like a Hollywood movie (The Past and the Curious) and examined with interest if any emotion would follow.

Surprisingly, there was indifference. This is probably normal for somewhat coldfish me, but what about the others?

Surely, everyone who has ever been in a broken relationship must be guilty of participating in the same game: “The Battle of the Exes”.

The rules of the game are straightforward, the next time you meet or hear news about the ex, there is that competion over:
  1. Who gets laid first
  2. Who gets laid more
  3. Who gets a new replacement first
  4. Who gets a better upgrade (boy/girlfriend overall quality)
  5. Who is bigger (upgrade’s chest/crotch area)
  6. Who is getting more money
  7. Who is has a better job
  8. Who is getting married first
  9. Who has a bigger rock (carats)
  10. Who has the better rock (cut and color)
  11. Who is looking better
  12. Who is looking younger
  13. Who is going out more
  14. Who is traveling more
  15. Who has more friends in friendster (lawd...Believe me, iknow someone)
  16. Who is happier

These things all sound so petty to even dignify, but we sometimes indulge in it without realizing what we are doing.

When we are winning…we gloat…when losing, we say that we are above all that.

Personally, I prefer the exes to always be non-existent from my radar (except for the sweet, innocent high school days exes). Unhealthy habit, I know.

So if we examine this indifference, this not bothering to find out if we're losing or winning…we must have just conceded.

Or have we just won some battle over self-indulgence?



Living on the 7th floor of a vintage 40’s building may have its charms, but being there during earthquakes is just so not one of them.

Earthquakes are a force of nature, and one of the things I fear.

A couple of days ago, we experienced one around 3:30ish in the morning. I was finally dozing off when it struck. I lost my stupor immediately.

It is never fun trying to breathe calmly and soothingly when your heartbeat is loud and fast.

In another part of town, a friend woke up in her condo. Her windchimes were going crazy and her place was shaking.

She put on a pair of pants immediately. She’d better be dressed properly if rescuers need to excavate or rescue her amidst the rubbles!

She began thinking what food she has in her fridge. She began thinking what her safety-first cousin would do in her shoes…

The earthquake stopped. She is okay. No cracks on her walls. And she is awake.


Animation's Best and Sexiest

Best Villain - Cruella DeVil (101 Dalmatians)...always loved this flamboyant evil woman.
Best Princess Hairdo - Jaime Robinson (Voltes V)...She never gets helmet hair!!!
Best Body In Tights - Spidey (Spiderman, new 3d-modeled, 2d-rendered series)...Liking the Anime proportions.
Best Duo - Cow and Chicken (Cow and Chicken)...Fun and Games
Best Action Sequence- Tarzan slide/surfing down the trees (Tarzan)...Amazing the way his tiny skirt never reveals anything underneath despite his fabulous displays of agility *Sigh*

Sexiest Dad - Nigel Thornberry (The Wild Thornberries)...What could be sexier than an adventurous dad? Smashing!
Sexiest Metaphor - Tarzan removing Jane's Glove (Tarzan)...whew! Is it hot in here, or is it just me?
Sexiest Kiss - Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast)...I could swear there was tongue action!
Sexiest Cross Species Character - Liono (Thundercats)...a friend once claimed his first erotic fantasy involved this cool cat
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Just finished lunch with fabulous Cha Rosal after her interview at the u.s. embassy.

They "regret to inform her that her visa application for the US has been denied." The interviewing officer told her the reasons:

1. She's young (24 years old)
2. She's single (unattached)
3. She's beautiful (pretty mestiza of the castilian genepool)

So could we conclude that if you are:

1. Old
2. Married
3. Ugly

Then you can get a visa to the States? Ehehheeheheehe...


Big Daddy

Delicious Daddy Vince



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blog conciousness

woke up early cause father's flying home to cdo today, and supposed to have brainstorming session with the magazine folks by 10. since the latter didn't happen, decided to fix this blog instead.

so now, we got haloscan. autoinstall feature very cool. put up the links of a few blogs i like to visit... hey, haloscan isn't working... @#$%^&* will fix.



Many of us reality TV junkies watched this woman blaze her way to becoming American Idol Season 3's winner. From the first time you see her perform, you can tell right away this is a woman bound for stardom.

Bought her cd yesterday for only Php150. 3 songs in it. The cd contains one original track, "I believe", 2 covers of vintage classics "Chain of Fools" and "Summertime".

Totally worth every peso, this cd makes you thirst for more of Fantasia's magic.

Well, I know I should say something to sound somewhat blasé, and uh...sophisticated...but I do like this cd! Oh, okay, here: On the cover is her picture. I have succumbed to the obsessive compulsiveness in me and cleaned up her brow stubbles in Photoshop. :P


Heat Review

Wilma the weathergirl says…

Living in the tropics, we are blessed with sunshine almost all year round. Along with sunshine, we got heat, baby.

Manila Heat: Humid
Description: Walking through liquid air.
Relation to Skin: Good for the skin, and bad for the makeup. Industrial strength makeup recommended with frequent touch-ups.
Warnings: Going sleeveless without anti-persperant can become a sticky situation. Stay away from crowds in case you accidentally stand too close to each other, never get unstuck, and never get home.
Rating: 4 electric fans

Southern City CDO: Semi-humid
Description: Warm, but with cooler breeze most of the time.
Relation to Skin: Very good for the skin, and not too bad for makeup.
Notes: Many women love wearing makeup that run. So no harm in wearing non-waterproof makeup.
Rating: 2 electric fans

Singapore: Dry, still and hot.
Description: Dry with no breeze anywhere at all.
Relation to skin: Not too great for the skin, and makeup melts into puddles on your feet.
Warning: Defacing public property (sidewalks) with melted makeup is also punishable by law.
Notes: Artificial breeze can be found in all structures and all vehicles. You can still look polished, but you can’t smell too great.
Warning 2: Standard greeting before beso-beso: “I’m sticky.” Beso-beso with a guy with dense facial hair may be tricky, as you might accidentally wax his hair off.
Notes 2: Don’t wear makeup, only sunscreen.
Rating: 5 electric fans


getting a clue

An interesting article forwarded by Pinky Calica was written by Roxanne Roberts for Washington Post.

The article shares insights by comedian Greg Behrendt who wrote He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuse Truth to Understanding Guys.

The gist of the article would be the same as the title of Greg's book. Wish this came out some 4 years ago, though.

Hahahha... grabe... I sound like a bitterana.


Mall Rats and Labels

It’s interesting to note how different people place different sorts of labels on people. In our efforts to invent and reinvent ourselves, we try stupid things, and not too stupid things. As a result, we often end up with various folks giving us different labels. Everything from loner-introverted, to stoner-extroverted gets pinned on us.

While Pet and I were waiting in Starbucks for lunch with Dario, a guy approached Pet and asked her what she thought of the magazine he was holding, since she would be the target market, and they were gonna reformat, etc.

Strange Man to Pet: You see, you fit the type of person we aim to sell this mag to.
Pet and Olib: * looks at a magazine that has a medium shot of a guy with a necktie slung around his shoulders. A hint of a smirk on model’s face, as he flashed his pecs. The title of the magazine says a magazine for women*
P: *one eyebrow raised, mentally having her arms akimbo* WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!!
O: *baffled* why am I not your target market?!
SM: …uh…
P&O: *with the speed of lightning, both stand up, break his kneecaps and pluck off his eyes*
SM: I…am…sorr…*passes out and eventually dies*

Pet had on a blouse, a ponytail, her trusty pair of glasses, pretty much her respectable, feminine self.

Pet: I think he meant conservative looking girls…*snikt*
Olib: *small voice* Oh.

Pretty soon their publisher joins us but failed to substantiate their statement about their market, and failed to let us know why they are targeting women of Pet’s demeanor.

We ended up being invited to their focus group discussion sometime soon. After lunch, we went around the malls and wondered what labels we would try on that day.
We mallratted it till the shops closed. Kevin Smith would’ve been proud.

Switching Modes

Flew back in last Sunday…now in Manila, the big bad city. While a part of me is glad to be back here, another part is still hung over from that much needed non-break.

Still in CDO mode, I’m up in the mornings, and making little blinks as I realize how much time I need to set aside just for commuting. My ears are still getting reacquainted with the large amount of Tagalog voices instead of Cebuano.

There’s a certain comfort in seeing familiar aisles in the supermarkets, the view of Manila Bay, the dirty, cracked roads, and the more organized chaos of a decaying proud city.

The absence of structure in my work and home environment offsets stress-inducing elements. At least I need not change the laid back, island pace of my flip-flops.

City sounds remain sharp, metallic, generally harsh and persistent. Visibility gets a bit off from smog.
Manila can demand a lot from a person. Ay. Switching to Manila mode. *ting*



We all have visions of that perfect stretch of soft, smooth sand, that beautiful rhythmic lapping of the waves as that precious magic hour right before sunset. That almost deserted beach…

Ah, yazz…

Then you add a skimboard or two in the picture, and everything changes.
*insert Hawaii 5-o theme song or beach boys music here*

When waters stop getting choppy, you slip an almost oval board onto the wave before it reaches to caress the sand, the board slides forward, you chase after it, get on it with both feet, and guh-laaaaaaa-eeeeed…

It sounds pretty simple, and the whole concept is simple. It’s the body that’s complex, I guess.

As you probably have guessed by now, yeah, I fell a lot. I fell and fell and fell and fell and fell.

Ideal: *insert cheesy life metaphor here*

Real: *insert picture of olive screaming “Pak-sheet! Blatchang-ina-yawayawayawayawa!!!” as she sees her feet up in the air against a beautiful sky background*

So I have invested too many spills to quit now. Definitely will pursue skimming. I’d be the oldest chick on the beach.

9-year-old kiddie titleholder, Arnel and his sister, Lalai were good-naturedly giving us pointers last Thursday afternoon.

Between four people, we had one board, we skimmed only about an average of 15-minutes each, but the next day, my body felt like it did some serious gym time. Even my abs hurt under all these layers of fat… kewl.

The goal is to glide, smooth as Cary grant’s walk, smooth as warm honey, smooth as…you get the picture, I know. So I’ll stop.

Sometimes, it takes both the size of the wave, and the motion of the ocean to make you happy, baby!

home is where the hurt is

You can shrug off what people think about all your efforts, all your achievements, and all your disappointments. But somehow, when opinions come from family and the home front, every little thought or feeling resonates with a loudness that can split a vein, and break a heart.

Emotional investments can happen without you being aware that it is what you are doing. This is especially true with hometowns.

Everything that you do, every place that you have been to stays with your consciousness, but your hometown, and the things you have done in it will always be etched into your subconscious.

You later realize that coming home to your city can be a richly textured experience. One filled with ambivalence and uncompromising acceptance.

Before embarking on this trip, I have made a vow to make this a “growth trip”.
1- to learn all there is to learn,
2- to face old demons, and
3- to resolve whatever issues one can with compassion and accumulated wisdom.

The road rules are simple; it’s okay to blink, okay to be afraid, but there will be absolutely no backing down. The war cry: “GO ME!”

These are probably minor silly issues to begin with, but as long as these demons exist, baggage will always pull me back, and hamper my personal growth.

All the things in my head that I have ignored and left to fester all these years…a lot of them have been exorcised. Not everything perhaps, but most of them are resolved somewhat.

Life has a great sense of humor. By the time your emotional wrinkles disappear, it’s time for the physical ones to appear.

From this point on, let’s travel light. Wrinkles and all.